Great soap!!! Thanks! KJ, British Columbia

Just a quick note to let you know that the Calendula Salve has been a godsend this winter to our daughter's hands! We had not been able to find anything that keeps her hands from getting chapped and sore. Thanks. DA, Ontario

I just wanted to let you know that I love your soap! It lathers beautifully, unlike other natural soaps I have used in the past, and the bars last a long time. The scents are wonderful and last on my body for most of the day. In addition, your customer service has been impeccable on the occasions that I have ordered with you. Keep up the good work! JK, Ontario

Please tell the woman who makes the soap that they have changed my life!! I have numerous skin problems and the soap has cleared up so many of the problems it is unbelievable! PH, Ontario

I've been using your soap for a couple of months, now that our family decided to go natural with our personal care regime, and I have to say I'm so impressed! We've tried a couple other natural brands, but none of their soaps have the longevity of your soap! Others would get mushy (even when stored out of water) and shrink to nothing within 2 weeks. Between our family of 4, one bar of soap can last at least a month to a month and a half. My son has eczema and the Calendula soap has really cut down on his flair ups. I also like that you have so many wonderful sounding scents. Many thanks - and keep up the excellent quality work! CV, Ontario

I've got to tell you...I am in LOVE with your soap!!!!! The chai soap (which I kept for myself) is simply amazing!!! I love the scratchy spices in it!!! Are you selling the shaving soaps yet???
I really love it too :) I know I'll have to order again soon CW, Ontario

Hi there...I have almost used up my previous order of your excellent soap product. It is the very finest handmade soap that my wife and I have ever used!!! WONDERFULLY AROMATIC and SOOTHING to say the least. Therefore we would like to order some more. DL, Ontario

I cant say enough about it... I recently got married and have had problems with my arms being very dry and "bumpy" I tried everything to clear it up before the wedding, I bought many different products from tea tree oil creams to steroid creams, then I tried your soap and within 1 week my skin had cleared up and I have never used another kind of soap or any other product since. My thank you gifts for the girls who stood in my wedding was a gift basket of soaps and a few other all natural products, now they are also hooked on this soap!! My niece and daughter both have dry skin and eczema and this soap has also cleared it up. I am now convinced more than ever that all natural products are the way to go and your soaps are amazing!! Thanks so much I am thrilled I found your soaps!!!! CL, Ontario

"I LOVE using the Bergamot soap, especially how it makes the skin of my face feel SO clean!" MP, Ontario

Oh my goodness! I want to extend a HUGE thank you for the wonderful gift you included in my soap order! We just LOVE love love (I can't say that enough) the soaps you have made! Much to our delight? It was! Your soaps lathers SOOOO wonderfully and the smell! Oh I can't tell you just how much they are enjoyed by us. I hope you continue to make your goodies for years to come as you have found a family who simply adores them! VS, Ontario

After taking them home and testing them, I am most impressed with the product and have just ordered 8 bars for myself to be sent to my home address. They seem to clean very well without drying the skin and their consistency, unlike some other natural soaps that I have tried, seem to hold up very well. Many bars quickly turn into mush and don't last very long. Consider me a fan of your product. I will spread the word. RO, Ontario

THANKS Nancy..I just received my soap order, wow I love all the scents, my mom already came over and just about cleaned out my supply Ha Ha!! Will be sending another order again for sure, like I said my skin had never looked and felt better!! CL, Ontario